Our wedding day…

If it were up to us we would have been married a long time ago. But as God knew what is better for us, He made us wait and be more ready and mature for this huge step. During this time we learned how to listen to God’s voice, and in the right time, everything came in its place and the day 23/06/2016 arrived when we finally became One.

For my special day, I wanted a modern vintage theme, white and light pastel colors, classical and elegant wedding.

. It’s fair to say that I have been planning in my mind and dreaming about this day for 2 years and when that day of decisions came it wasn’t hard to choose.

I am very picky, as my husband; therefore we decided to do everything we can by ourselves. My husband took care of all the music of the ceremony and dinner, the artwork and design of printed material including our logo, and the videos that showcased our childhood and our friends. I took the part of choosing and planning to make sure that we have all the details we wanted. When you do everything by yourself it won’t be easy, but it will surely go right (if you are a planner by nature).

Our wedding looked pretty much like our personality and that is why our family and friends liked it. We tried to have a small and cozy wedding as much as we could, but it was a bit hard due to our Lebanese traditions.

Quick tips:

  • Plan First

Planning is the most important thing. It’s the only way you won’t get lost, and know the next step. You can find many plans on the internet. I personally recommend you to download many and do your own plan out of them.

  • Distribute the tasks

Don’t do everything by yourself. After setting the plan, try to distribute the tasks as much as you can. By that you will make your family and friends feel included.

  • Set the budget

We always want every detail in our wedding day to be unforgettable but you don’t want to get bankrupt, especially when you are starting a new life with many responsibilities. Once you have set your budget, keep count of all the expenses even the very little ones.

  • Choose the wedding theme

Searching for a theme on the web can give you many nice ideas, but it can make you feel lost and unable to choose only one. So when you find a theme that matches your personality stick with it, stop searching, and don’t try to do a theme salad on your wedding day. After choosing your theme you will certainly find other ideas, my personal advice… stick with your first choice.

  • Personalization is a must

A special wedding doesn’t mean a big budget wedding; it means a cozy and personalized one. So don’t try to look or do what others do. Prepare activities that will allow you to really celebrate your beautiful day with your guests.


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