Our last destination for our honeymoon was Phuket, Thailand. We stayed there for 5 nights in Dusit Thani Hotel in the Laguna Area. Our room had an ocean view that we enjoyed while sitting on our terrace sipping great tea. The best thing we did there was our escape to phi phi island. As a clear water hunter I loved to see the superb crystal blue water. The speed boat ride was a real adventure as we sat in the front. The sea was extremely agitated, the waves were so rough however, we totally enjoyed balancing the lemonade in the middle of the bouncy sea. At one point the guide told us to move inside because  we were about to pass in the middle of a sea storm (yeah, extremely exotic weather) so we didn’t want to go inside we were just wearing swimsuits in the fastest boat having the rain piercing through our skin, and that was hurtful! Then we stopped in a beautiful place and went snorkeling. We saw blue corals closing and opening as we approached them, beautiful, colorful fish with an amazing fluorescent blue. It was my first time snorkeling, it took me time to understand the breathing concept and when I did I was finally able to enjoy the underwater life! Maya Bay was beautiful but too crowdy, it was too hard to see the beauty of the place due to the million boats that were there. At the end of the trip we settled at phi phi island where we ate some fresh fruits, and swam in the sea with the beautiful green mountains around us.

We couldn’t go to Thailand and not assist at the Fantasea Show. We took the golden tickets and when we arrived there, we were so happy we did. The dinner was a seafood buffet in a restaurant that was gold from floor to roof, where I ate the freshest salmon sashimi I have ever tasted. We walked and enjoyed the dreamy architectures, took a picture with elephants, we even had the opportunity to cuddle a baby tiger of two month and take a picture with it. The show was great, we saw elephants standing on two feet, twirling their truk, doing “la queue le le”.

When we were still booking our vacation I read about the tea tree spa in the Holiday inn resort, and I was very excited to try it. When we arrived, we booked our massage just before our flight back home. We took the tea tree spa signature for two. It was amazing, a real 5 stars experience, the package had a facial, and it was the best facial experience I ever had.

We had a bad luck to have 2 days of storm in Phuket. Usually when it rains there, you just wear a rain coat and continue your schedule. But when there is a real storm, you can’t do any water activity. So before going there check the indoor activities your hotel offers, or even the indoor activities you can do in Thailand, like the orchid museum and many more…

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