Kuala Lumpur

We spent only 2 days in Kuala Lumpur after a supercharged week of activities in the Indonesian nature. We stayed in Traders Hotel right next to the twin towers. Our room was very modern and high-tech but it did not have the famous twin towers view due to our travel agency’s mistake however, the city view was ok. We spent the whole 2 days shopping, walking in the city; we discovered a great restaurant that has the tastiest food, the famous recipes by “Madam Kwan’s”. Everything is very cheap there especially the food. Unlike guys, I have the chance that my husband likes shopping with me and enjoys it. 

 If you are a shopping lover and you did not discover Kuala Lumpur yet, then you have missed a lot! The city is very safe, very clean, attractive, and it’s the best place to shop. Unlike the other places that we have visited in Asia, this city becomes alive just after the sun sets. After that we went home, I heard that the Malaysian street food is not to miss, sadly we did not try it because we simply did not know about it but if you are going their try not to miss it. Kuala Lumpur really attracted me, and I am already planning on going back there, because in case you didn’t know, I am a shopping lover. 

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