Our engagement photo-shoot

  It was in the end of summer 2014 that my love and I did a photo shoot in the occasion of our engagement. I chose two different themes the first bohemian with trees in the background, the second modern classy with mountains in the background. Both were taken the same day in Faqra where at place everything came together as I wanted. I also chose the clothes based on the theme color that was light pastel colors and planned with the photographer the style and the theme colors of the photos. Every detail was linked to our wedding theme as a preparation to the big day.

I have a confession to make and I think that many of you will agree, every time a camera is spotted on me I get uncomfortable, and as it’s said if you feel awkward you will look awkward in the photos, and that is not funny. But I found a way to hide my fear of camera by looking in the eyes my love… Magic! And that is how I can relax, I forget about the camera, I think about us and just be myself.

Here is what you need to know to plan your photo-shoot:

 For a successful inspiring photo-shoot you need to choose a theme that reflects yours personality. If it is an engagement photo-shoot it is better if you link it to the theme of your wedding, so you can put your guests in the mood of the wedding. Being specific and picky will help you to build your wanted theme.

The clothes’ style is as important as their colors and same for the accessories. Take the time to plan for every detail and all the accessories that will make your theme clear. The location should be chosen depending on the theme, to test if everything is coming together try to see if the accessories go in harmony with the background and if they do, then you are good to go. Once the photo-shoot is done, you don’t want a coloring that will change the mood and the style of the photos so pay attention before starting the photo-shoot to talk with the photographer so he can foresee the end result, because eventually an adequate coloring will just enhance the mood that you want and make everything better.

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